2049 The World tips over.

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Southern Bangladesh is again inundated and it is becoming increasingly obvious that flood waters will no longer recede enough to allow people to live in coastal or near-coastal cities. As people move inland, refugees spill over into India and are pushed north into Nepal and then Tibet. The Chinese government, with three major incidents in the last twenty-five years, is in no mood to allow Indian citizens or refugees pushed out of India to cross their borders. Their western command is mobilised and India mobilises their regional divisions in response. The stand-off continues across the new year as negotiations in the UN break up and restart numerous times.

2050: February, the tensions finally burst into warfare as China crosses the Indian border. The Indian Army is out gunned and overwhelmed by the drone attack from the air. Chinese ground drones follow up and occupying forces enter north eastern India, and pour into Kashmir. Pakistan takes its chance and Pakistani troops pour across into Kashmir occupying it and freeing Chinese troops who continue south. India is on the verge of collapse when the US intervenes.

March: Initially US forces alone land just north of Delhi but they are swiftly backed up by EU and British special ops troops.

End of March beginning of April: Turkey, having left NATO ten years earlier, tries to relieve pressure on her ally, China, by crossing the Bosphorus and invading the former Yugoslav nations and Northern Greece. NATO forces halt their advance in southern Serbia and Special Forces from the EU and Britain go behind enemy lines disrupting supplies and coms. Turkey collapses when the army rebels and launches a coup.

April: Russian forces prevent the gutting of Turkey by sending several naval units to Istanbul and threatening to declare war. India, her pride badly wounded threaten China with a nuclear attack unless she stops her (already stalled) advance. And Pakistan must also withdraw. Pakistan threatens to retaliate.

May: The latest round of talks at the UN suddenly have everyone’s attention and by the end of the first week a ceasefire is declared on all fronts. The sharp, sudden conflict has cost close to a million lives.

The US economy still struggling to recover the growth lost from successive hits from pandemic, trade wars and global warming has caused serial political problems for Presidents with the current one facing mid-terms in a precarious state. Congress is splintered into numerous factions offering her neither guidance nor help. Government is discredited and taxes are still rising while numerous states have declared bankruptcy. She reaches out to the only stable source of finance and governance; Corporate America and Americorp in particular. Their price is total deregulation. They essentially buy the President a majority in Congress and control that majority.

In Beijing, a week after the peace accords are signed in Geneva, The China 12 recruit Capt. Kevin Twomey and Major Joanne Baines. They also hunt for and then, through Rachel Lopez-Real, recruit Milo Talbot.

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