Milo in Iraq (history of the china 12)

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

2003: Milo has been on seven ‘fact finding’ missions, only one of which is via the embassy. He is deployed in March to forward positions in Iraq. Though there are no official records of the events, he emerges with a Military Cross. Later that year, September/October Milo is in Basra.

2004/5 Milo is in the Green Zone in Baghdad, his function is unclear though his pay grade has jumped and he is now at D7 the equivalent of a head of mission, but he is outside of the chain of command within the Foreign Office.

2006: August. Milo is injured in an explosion in north western Iraq, returning from the border with Syria.

2007: Milo is in the UK and has been in a coma for eight months. Doctors are discussing switching off his life support.

May. Doctors from the US are in the UK discussing Milo’s condition. He has had his life support switched off, but is still being fed via drip. He has not died. Rather his condition has improved though he is not yet conscious. The US doctors want to perform a new experimental procedure which may bring him round and offer him a full life. There are no near relatives to discuss the matter with.

December. Permissions have been given for the procedure.

2008: January. Milo is injected with a ‘mesh’ which will unfold once inside the skull cavity. The hope is that this will bind with the brain and promote the growth of neurons which can accept signal from outside the body. It has been tried with mice with some success and with US military casualties with some encouragement but no definite success.

June. Milo is being brought slowly out of his coma and is responding well.

August. Milo is sitting up in bed and trying to speak. He has limited ability to move his limbs but he has regained feeling in all of his extremities and doctors are confident he will recover at least to some extent.

December. Milo is walking and talking. Him memory of the last few years is limited though memory of his studies and his time at Cambridge is excellent. It is not as though he has just left, he knows time has passed it is rather that he has skipped over the time. His physiological health is improving by leaps and bounds surprising physios and physicians alike. Though this is all going well, it is greed that he will stay within in institutions controlled by the defence departments in the US and UK.

To be Continued…

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