Milo's backstory and the developments that lead to China 12.

2026: Milo still missing. Speculation, growing with his absence, that he was dead was stopped when a card arrived from Sri Lanka. Agents dispatched to find him there, came up empty as he had paid to have the card sent long after his departure. Still, knowing that he was alive emboldened the research around the implant system.

2027: The British and US governments come under increasing pressure to come up with imaginative ways to square the vicious circle of their never-ending debt. The EU has dragged itself part way out of the hole but the pressure of the solution was beginning to fracture the union. China also not fully recovered from the pandemic and has become increasingly techy about its rights and boarders. North Korea is on the verge of collapse.

2028: Military units, in particular special forces units, are implanted with Milo-like Mesh systems. The new systems link with field deployed aerial and ground drones putting them under field command in real time. This, the military believe, will end the phenomenon of “friendly fire”, (it doesn’t but it decreased the number if instances). The implementation is considered successful though there are some episodes of psychosis and some rejections.

2029: First known instance of an implant being hacked.

2031: British minister for Finance declares at the Forum for reconstruction in Hong Kong, the “…in future all thinking will be outsourced…” It is the first formal statement of what had been a practical creeping truth for decades. Applied across the board it was never-the-less revolutionary. Police forces are stripped of their detective forces and Crime Groups are set up, or given legal force, at first in the Britain.

In the summit in Delhi the “Delhi Convention” is signed giving legal, international recognition and powers to “Crime Groups”. So, one hundred and six years after he had proposed them, Napoleon Hill’s “Mastermind groups” were finally coming into being. The concept spread from Crime to economics and across the rest of government with several thinktanks morphing into groups. Crime Boards are set up and countries round the world rush to follow suit.

2033: It doesn’t take long for Governments to realise that they like being in control of at least parts of the thinking and investigating roles of security. It was again in Europe that the development starts, though which country was unclear. The “People’s investigatory Corps” was what they called them in Britain shortened to PIC with operatives at firs being called “PICs” it didn’t take long for them to be called “Pixies”. The Americans called them “Clandestine Technical operatives for Homeland Security” shortened to “ClanTech”.

2036: Doctors Lopez-Real and Abebe, working together in Rome, finalise the first comprehensive overview of the neurological and psychological impact of implants on the human mind and suggest improvements for future systems and software. The study based on the results of hundreds of post mortems as well as interviews and examinations of recipients makes them the world’s foremost experts in the field they are offered carte blanche by several governments and companies. Dr Lopez-Real heads to France while Dr Abebe returns to Kenya.

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