Milo (subject 730645)(history of the china 12)

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

2011: February. Milo has not been well since January 24th and there is a suggestion of a problem with the mesh. The fabric seems to be degrading and there have been several meetings to discuss, either the termination of the program or to try to upgrade the system. Several of the voices round the table think they have gone as far as the can with the subject, others feel that seeing if upgrading or adapting the system is a useful and, indeed, necessary exercise. It is the latter side who wins out as there is no immediate candidate to replace Milo.

May. Milo has been upgraded and the upgrades appear to be working. In fact working is not really an adequate word, he is thriving. He has surpassed his previous physical response records and would be classed as a very fit special forces operative. His cognitive faculties are also excellent, he can perform at least as well as he could before the bombing. The committee are in a very jolly and self congratulatory mood at the review.

2017: January. Milo (“project i” as it became known in the last few years) is being abandoned. The participant governments are strapped for cash and the feeling is that this one has gone as far as it can. Two of the leads in the project, and are trying to find funding for further research in the private sector.

April. Milo and the principles of Project i are upping stakes for China, Yunnan province. They have been afforded a compound there and funding from Avic, a subsidiary of the Chinese air force manufacturing arm.

September. Now settled in Milo’s testing regime is throwing up encouraging, if surprising, results. Though he is approaching forty five years, his test results are the same as those he was throwing out at thirty five. His general condition has stabilised at around the same age. Investigation into his implant outputs offers scan reason for this but the Chinese investors are very excited.

2018: a disagreement has developed with the Chinese who wish to have definitive answers about how Milo appears to have stopped aging. They are unhappy with the inconclusive brain scan evidence but the team do not wish to perform a more detailed investigation as this would almost certainly mean the termination of the subject and the probable end of the project. The Chinese are prepared to wait and they submit several test subjects of their own.

2020: February. The last of the Chinese test subjects died early in the month and there have been some nasty accusations flying around. There is a rumour that he died having contracted this new virus and several Chinese doctors have been taken away to “assist” with the enquiry.

March. Pressure has increased on the team to “investigate” Milo but there has been a lot of pushback especially when it emerged that the young Chinese had been taking the wrong drug supplements. The Chinese have agreed to a new round of test subjects but they insist that they will be dealt with at a separate site. To say the US team is unhappy is an understatement but they have little choice. The Chinese government has taken over their end of the project and the word is that there are twenty new subjects.

Milo continues to impress. His cognition is still as it has been for the last number of years and his intellectual abilities have stabilised as have his physical condition and response. One of the team remarked that thirty five was a good age to remain at forever… The mesh has not suffered the same degradation as the previous version and has been amenable to being added to. There is some talk of the development of an ocular implant that would play information onto the lens or the retina itself. There is also talk of an aural implant that could act as a communication device and perhaps act as a conduit for future translation systems. Most of the team think that some of this is possible and some fanciful but then Milo’s existence is fanciful.

2022: April. The project is being stopped. The Chinese are withdrawing funding. For the last year it has been impossible to get results form their own experiment. There had been talk that two of the subjects had died but that the rest were progressing well. All of the Chinese subjects were younger than Milo and a mix of male and female. The female subjects were doing particularly well in the early figures and there had been a lot of excitement over that and then everything dried up.

The current friction is around what will happen to Milo.

July. Milo is to stay in China and be moved to the Chinese site near Beijing.

September. Milo is in India, no one knows where. He was on route to Beijing when we got word that they intended to finally do that investigation on his system. The team tried to protest but they were summarily kicked out of the country. The authorities said they were going to send on the equipment and research notes but these never materialised. This is how we know about Milo; it seems he heard that he was going to be investigated and he decided that he would really like that. Before leaving he downloaded the entirety of the projects notes onto his system and these he sent on to the group in Switzerland. He hasn’t said where he is nor if he is coming over to the team in Zurich.

December. The team have registered patents for about half of the innovative tech they developed for Project i. An outraged message came from the Chinese Embassy but they had been so secretive that there is nothing they can do at this stage. There is a considerable amount of interest from governments round the world

Still no word from Milo

2024: Several projects with governments on subjects as young as 15. It seems that the younger the subject the more easily that they adapt to the psychological aspects of the implanted system. At this age girls do better than boys though from 17 on there seems little to differentiate. There is an appetite among some of the teams to implant into younger subjects but the general feeling is one of queasiness about following this path and the idea was dropped.

There have been several attempts to find Milo all to no avail and there is some speculation that without the pharmacological support of the project he has died. Others believe that he was resourceful enough to duck and dive his way through the world.

To be continued...

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