Milo Talbot (history of the china 12)

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

1973: Milo born in Dublin, Ireland. Unusually for the time, at home in this case Malahide Castle. He is named for his uncle Lord Talbot de Malahide, recently deceased. His uncle knew Burgess and McClean and Kim Philby at Cambridge and like them followed them into the Foreign Office. Died in mysterious circumstances on Greece.

!980: Milo Boards at Dulwich College prep. Parents are killed in a car accident in Jordan in the same year.

1991: October takes his place reading Classics at Trinity, Cambridge

His time at Cambridge is divided between a wild first year and a sudden change in Second year following the death of his best friend by suicide. Milo avoids depression, but drops his entire group. He spends the summer in Greece and then Jordan, where he visits the site of his parent’s death. Surprised by the lack of drama at the site, no turn, no cliff, a wide straight road. He asked his guide, (who didn’t know why he wanted to see the spot) about accidents there and the man was mystified, he knew of none. He learns Russian in the evenings and later Chinese, Mandarin.

1994: June, Milo gets a first and goes on to do a masters

1995: June Milo leaves Cambridge with his masters and joins the Foreign and Commonwealth office. He is a B4, an administrative assistant. It is possible that about this time he was approached by MI6. It is certain that he joined a Territorial Army unit and rises to the rank of Captain. There are no records of his having taken part in military training at Cambridge, but it is possible.

1997: Milo is posted to the British Embassy in Turkey, Ankara as a third secretary. On leave in the UK he is invited on a training course for the SBS. He does not join the SBS despite having excelled on the course.

1999: Milo, not yet thirty is made second secretary to the British Embassy to Saudi Arabia.

2001: September. Despite having passed meaningful intelligence up the chain, Milo watches in horror as 9/11 unfolds. He knows what’s coming.

October. US and UK invade Afghanistan

December. By this time there are already enquiries about the state of development of ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ (WMD) in Iraq. Milo may have accompanied a fact finding mission to Baghdad, but they turn up no evidence of actual weapons, however Milo speculates that Saddam is creating doubt in order to maintain his prestige and to restrain the Iranians, much as the soviet Union had done during the cold war.

To be continued...

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